Your advantages

If you are an Insurance

With the DENTCINEMA you can improve your management for hail damage even further by:

- Being able to use the product quickly and efficiently in the effected hail area
- Your adjusters are getting the best possible working conditions
- Your customers will be impressed by your professional and effective way of working
- The effect of advertising on the spot is just unbelievable

Corrections of your estimates will be a thing of the past - Never again should you witness problems with
excessive repair bills because of “undetected damage”!

If you are a Dent-Specialist

A professional Dent Specialist like you will have the best possible, and most optimal working conditions,
as well as being able to maximize your time.

The DENTCINEMA provides the perfect base for cooperation with insurance companies on
inspection activities at hail events.

By optimal lighting conditions you can receive appropriate estimates, which also reflect the actual workload.

In addition, you have direct customer contact, an incredible advertising effect and a higher repair rate.

It is much easier to convince customers of the need for repair, because the customer can see
the full damage with his own eyes.
And, you can show the quality of your work when the vehicle is returned in our DENTCINEMA.

If you are a Body Shop Owner

For you, the manager of an Auto Body Shop, the Dentcinema is the perfect tool due to
the numerous applications:

- Damage-related documentation
- Finish
- Quality control after repairs (for you and your customers)
- Presentations of tuning cars
- Vehicle checks for lease returns

The DENTCINEMA provides you the best possible working conditions, and shows
your unique professionalism to your customers!

The effect of advertising on the spot will have unbelievable impact, and you will have the opportunity
to strengthen your quality management in an incredible way!

If you are a Car Rental Company

For you as a rental, it is the perfect tool for a complete and optimized claims service.

You offer the best possible working conditions to your employees, and the renter of the car is able
to see even smallest damages with his own eyes.

No more high costs due to unnoticed damages, but only satisfied customers due to the integration
of the check-out & check-in process in our DENTCINEMA!