Everyone heard about it already, some created similar stuff,
you may have seen already – but we perfected it!

The „DENTCINEMA“ - for inspection and repair of hail damaged cars and many other uses even we haven´t thought of.

In the future the one and only way to demonstrate your professionalism - for insurances, dent-specialists, body shops ...

Our "DENTCINEMA" exists of aluminium profiles, light strips and a tent tarpaulin.

2 people, 1 ladder, 2 hours of your time and you will have the perfect work- and assessment-place, where you want it to be!
Transported without a trailer, just in the back of a van or station wagon – ingenious user-friendly!

The light tunnel can be used inside and outside (outside it needs to be anchored to the ground). Furthermore only one connection is required for the electricity supply.
You reach a nice advertising effect if you fasten your logo as a banner or print your advertisement
on the tarp.

You receive optimal work conditions because the light tunnel can be opened and closed simply at both ends. With both ends closed you receive the optimum light conditions. The light strips can be partially adjusted.

Since 2008 we use the "DENT CINEMA" successfully in Europe for assessment actions with insurance companies and for repair hail damaged cars - it is in use constantly since then.
All are enthusiastic about our product and the feedback is fantastic!

Customers often see just the large dents, but the true extent of the damage remains hidden from them.

We have solved this problem with our "DENTCINEMA"!

Now the customers recognize the need for the repair of the damage better and this raises your turnover!
Save time + costs and win customers!

Other applications for our "DENTCINEMA":

- finishing
- check paint jobs
- detailing
- presenting show cars
- market launch of new models
- handing over new or used cars
- check lease turn-back cars
- and many more

But – make your own opinion with a little help of our picture gallery ...