We had a vision of a perfect light tunnel which

- is mobile
- can be arrected and put away easily
- offers the best working conditions
- and fits completely into the back of a station wagon

Never again high-risk, sleazy-self-made welded constructions…
We wanted to create the perfect product.
And we succeeded!

Experience teaches us every year again we are confronted with the same problem...
It hailed, the damage is done, within a short amount of time suitable locations must be found and secured to estimate and repair the hail damaged vehicles. Considering the time investment, the stress, headaches and expenses for lease work locations which leave you with less than ideal working conditions.

Short notice: there is a lack of workshops that offers best lighting for optimal working conditions to give accurate estimate and working conditions.

For this problem we have the solution!

We offer for maximum of time saving an easy to use plug-in system. Because everything fits in to the back of a van or station wagon, it is possible to change work-location quickly.

And the most important is:
With our system we provide the optimum light conditions to see even the smallest dents and overall the condition of the paint job.

We call our solution "DENTCINEMA" and as you see it is perfect to view a vehicles current surface condition.